Shoe making is our legacy. Even through the toughest wars of our times our family stuck to making and supplying quality shoes for every generation. Who better to make shoes than people who understand the anatomy of great style and comfortable footwear? Our purpose is to provide the fashion industry with a savvy shoe company that caters to multiple generations, serving a plethora of styles at convenient access.


We forsee becoming a trend setting force on a global playing field. It is our vision to continue to grow the brand to new heights by being one that our new and future clients can continue to grow with for generations to come worldwide.


To provide affordable fashion footwear as a multi-generational brand while continuing to improve and innovate our styles and quality.


• Maintaining the integrity and well being of our employees, customers, and manufacturer.

• Having a clear vision and efficient execution while nurturing creativity and promoting boundary-pushing.

• Class, high fashion

• Relevance & timeliness